Morbid Ink: Memorial Tattoos

(Youtube Direkttattoos)

Ziemlich interessante Slideshow vom New York Public Radio mit Bildern einer Tour durch Tattoo-Studios und ihren Storys über Tattoos, die im Gedenken an Verstorbene gestochen wurden.

Dr. John Troyer studies death. As deputy director at the University of Bath's Centre for Death and Society, he's come across a lot of different ways people deal with grief. One way he says people of all ages, all around the world grapple with loss: they get a tattoo.

Troyer's seen death-date tattoos, gravestone tattoos, and images of favorite german shepards. He's seen soldiers with portraits of whole platoons, firefighters with friends' badge numbers, and grandmothers with tiny angel wings on their wrists. He's also observed a new trend: people mixing tiny specs of cremated remains into tattoo ink.

Morbid Ink: Memorial Tattoos (via Morbid Anatomy)