Failes awesome Temple-Installation in Lisbon

Das Künstlerkollektiv Faile hat anlässlich des PortugalArte10-Festivals in der Innenstadt von Lissabon eine Installation in Form eines Tempels gebaut. Die Details, die Mixtur aus klassischen Formen, Bildhauerei, Architektur, Typografie, Metallarbeiten, Altertum und Streetart ist purer, schierer Wahnsinn und bläst einem wirklich das Gehirn raus. Awesome! Hier die Fotos auf Stick2Target, weitere Bilder gibts auf Dflektor.

(Vimeo Direkttempel, via UrbanArtcore)

The world-renowned street art collective Faile will present the Cathedral Project, a giant sculptural installation in the heart of the city of Lisbon. Faile are known worldwide for their ambitious public projects that have been mounted in such cities as New York, Shanghai, and London. Using the physical street as a canvas for expressing their ideas, Faile is part of a global movement that has been embraced by audiences for its popular approach to artistic and creative expression. The integration of the Cathedral Project within the very fabrics of the city will serve a crucial role in granting audiences the ability to engage and interact on their own terms.

The reactions

People’s reactions have been amazing. This is the high note of the project. You know you have succeed when everybody just stops and wonders what that is all about, before stepping in to the temple to look around.

Some of the reactions I’ve witnessed first hand were:

- During construction, an old man getting up to me asking what was that and how long would it last, to which I replied one month and he just said “so much work for this to be up one month? It’s beautiful, it should stay here”.

- Tourists walking around with maps on their hands, looking to the temple, back to the maps and back to the temple, wondering what the hell that monument is, and why it’s not on the maps. (most common reaction)

- A man who said “I heard there was some shit going on here, let’s see what’s this all about”. He sayed that in such a tone, that it looked like he was about to trash it. But after approaching the temple he literally stayed 10m just at the entrance looking and snapping some pics, while I waited for him to move away for me to take a pic. And I waited… and waited!