Beer sold in dead Animals

Die Brauerei BrewDog hat ein Bier mit 55% Alkoholgehalt gebraut, das für $765 pro Flasche verkauft wird. Die Flaschen stecken in ausgestopften Tieren (es gibt nur 12 Stück davon), die bei Autounfällen ums Leben kamen. Dear World, you are a sick place to live.

The firm's co-founder James Watt said: ''In true BrewDog fashion, we've torn up convention, blurred distinctions and pushed brewing and beer packaging to its absolute limits.

''This is the beer to end all beers. It's an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and rebellion; changing the general perception of beer, one stuffed animal at a time.

''The impact of The End Of History is a perfect conceptual marriage between taxidermy, art and craft brewing. The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing - they disrupt conventions and break taboos, just like the beer they hold within them.''

Beer to be sold in dead animals, It's the World's Strongest, Most Expensive Beer -- Inside a Squirrel (via /., Kotzendes Einhorn)