Hello Internet. This is when I hate you.

4Chan lyncht grade ein 11jähriges Mädchen. Muss man so hinschreiben, weil's stimmt. Bitte lesen: How the Internet Beat Up an 11-Year-Old Girl, 11-Year-Old Viral Video Star Placed Under Police Protection After Death Threats, Now on Tumblr: Jessi Slaughter Suicide Hoax. Das sind die ekelhafteren Momente im Online-Leben und es fällt einem natürlich das Star Wars-Kid ein, der ja danach auch erstmal in Therapie musste.

Ein paar Tage zuvor hat mich eine ähnliche, aber nicht so ausgeprägte Hexenjagd auf einen rothaarigen Eminem-Konzertbesucher zu diesem Reddit-Kommentar veranlasst.

These are the moments when the whole internet decides to behave like a douche. A person I once knew, we were at a gas-station paying our things, he saw a little girl, 6 or 7 or 8 years old and she was fat and this fucking asshole had nothing better to do than pointing his fucking finger right into her face yelling thru that whole gas-station "look at that fat kid, OMG, look at it how fat this fat kid is!"

I looked into her eyes and I saw her heart break.

And these are the moments when the internet decides to become exactly like that asshole and I hate it everytime for it.

You know I'm right. Just sayin'.

Beating up children for the lulz. Fuck you, Internet. I love you.