How to be James Bond

16.07.2010 Misc #JamesBond

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Im Blog Lone Iguana (Tricks and tips of deception, trickery and survival) listen sie die Tricks'n'Tools von James Bond auf. Now you can be James Bond, too!


1. Bond uses a wet suit with a fake duck on top, most likely as a joke.
2. Bond drives an Aston Martin DB5 with license plate rotations, tire slashers, a bullet proof shield, an ejector seat, machine guns, and smoke & oil sprayers.
3. Bond is given homing beacons, which would be the equivalent to modern day GPS units.
4. Bond’s watch is a Rolex Submariner on a NATO issue two-tone green divers strap.
5. Goldfinger’s personal bodyguard also used a Bowler hat with a metal disc strong enough to cut off a head, an industrial laser and Nerve Gas canisters.
6. Bond uses a Leica M3 to capture images.
7. When shaving, Bond uses a Gillette Slim Handle Adjustable 1-9 Razor.

1. Bond wears a tuxedo underneath a wet suit, so that he can change and appear normal.
2. When fighting attackers, he sends one into a tub of water, then throws a lamp into the tub to electrocute the man.
3. In a game of golf against a cheater, Bond switches balls to make his opponent’s win invalid (strict rules of golf).
4. In order to save his life, Bond bluffs how much the agency knows about the master-mind’s plan. This gives him an fake advantage over the enemy.
5. When in the enemy’s bathroom, Bond inspects the room for peepholes, and covers them with his clothing and shaving cream. In addition, he detects a two-way mirror, which lets him know a peephole is close.
6. In a guarded cell, Bond managed to jump to the ceiling and stay there temporarily to lure the guard in and escape.
7. Bond always keeps an eye on the person who has the keys to his handcuffs, so when he is dead, Bond can grab the keys.

69 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 1 [How to Be Bond] (via Neatorama)