Evil Fortune Cookes

14.07.2010 Misc #Evil #Food

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Fiese Glückskekse gab's schonmal vor ein paar Jahren in New York, jetzt ist das Unglück für alle bei Think Geek zu haben: Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies.

You've stuffed yourself full of noodles and wontons and spicy bits of fried chicken. Oh, and egg rolls and dumplings and those crunchy soft things that you're not sure what they are, but dang are they good. And then the bill arrives - with fortune cookies. The fortune cookies serve to remind you how nice can be as you are parted with your money; a reminder of the delicious meal you just ate. Cracking the cookie, you read the fortune inside: "You will die alone and poorly dressed." It's at that moment, when you are stunned and your friends laugh at you, that you realize you've been slipped a Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookie.

Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies