DIY Ninja vs. Zombie Shadow Caster

Hier eine DIY-Variante mit Ninja des Zombie Shadowcasters. Auf Instructables steht, man bräuchte dazu einen Lasercutter, ich schätze aber mal sehr, das geht auch gut mit 'ner herkömmlichen Stichsäge.

A few weeks ago I saw a laser cut zombie shadow cast in the Makers Market and thought to myself that it was okay, but it was missing a certain something. What could it be? Was it source files perhaps? Well... yes, but... no... that wasn't quite it. There was just something about it not sitting right.

This existential absence gnawed at my brrrrraiiinnnnsssss and left me cold. That is, until it finally hit me like a shuriken. The original shadow cast was missing totally awesome ninjas. I corrected this problem and then wailed on my guitar.

Ninja vs. Zombie Shadow Cast (via Make)