Good News, Nightowls! Nachtmenschen sind intelligenter!

10.07.2010 Misc
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Nachtmenschen sind nicht nur schöner und toller als Frühaufsteher, sie sind auch schlauer. HA!

Because the nocturnal lifestyle allowed by electricity didn't exist 10,000 years ago, we must now rely on general intelligence to override our early-to-bed instincts. So those with more of it stay up later. How much later? See below.

Night Lights
Bedtimes and wake-up times for Americans in their 20s by IQ.

Very Dull (IQ < 75) Weekday: 11:41 P.M.-7:20 A.M. Weekend: 12:35 A.M.-10:09 A.M. Normal (90 < IQ < 110) Weekday: 12:10 A.M.-7:32 A.M. Weekend: 1:13 A.M.-10:14 A.M. Very Bright (IQ > 125)
Weekday: 12:29 A.M.-7:52 A.M.
Weekend: 1:44 A.M.-11:07 A.M.

Intelligence: The Evolution of Night Owls – Why night owls might be smarter than others (via Reddit)