Beer-Butler-Robot mit Gesichtserkennung

(Youtube Direktbier, via Mister Honk)

Die Jungs der Willow Garage sind zu faul, drei Meter zum Kühlschrank zu laufen und sich ein Bier zu holen – also haben sie einen Roboter so programmiert, dass er Bier holt (das man vorher über ein Web-Interface aussucht). Kann ich sehr nachvollziehen, also sowohl das mit der Faulheit, als auch das mit dem Roboter. WANT!

The robot uses object recognition to determine which beers are in the rack, and will report back to the app if the user's selection is not available. Otherwise, it stocks the ordered beers into the foam holder, closes the door, and navigates to the indicated office. The final piece of the puzzle is the handoff. We wanted to make very sure the robot didn't commit a party foul and drop beers on the floor, so we added face detection to the handoff behavior. The robot offers a beer and waits until it detects a face in near proximity. It then looks at the closest person and will release the gripper when the beer is tugged. The robot will also offer the bottle opener and wait for it to be returned. We even got the robot to open beers itself using a standard bottle opener.

Roboticists get used to hearing: "That's pretty cool, but can it bring me a beer?". Well now the PR2 can, and it may even open the bottle for you.

Beer Me, Robot!