Tuskan Raider by Dave Kinsey


Das ist der zweite Print der Star Wars-Serie von Mondo Tees. Und diesmal war ich schnell genug und habe mir einen der 350 Prints geordert, ist zwar nicht halb so schick wie Gonk von Jeff Soto, dafür aber noch nicht ausverkauft.

When asked about his memories of STAR WARS, Kinsey said “When I first saw Star Wars as a kid, I remember being intrigued by the Tusken Raider’s mystique and anonymity.”

The Tusken Raiders, like Gonk, have really stayed with us at Mondo over the years; easily one of the most unique characters of the Original Trilogy. Even with very little screen time, the look, mannerisms (riding single file to conceal their numbers) and even the sounds that the Sand People made are classic. We are proud to make this our second offering in the series.

Mondo Presents: STAR WARS! Raider by Kinsey On Sale Now!

[update] Das ging mal wieder sehr schnell, Mondotees twitterte grade eben: „The RAIDER print is SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone!“