Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 Toilet

Auf Ebay kann man eine Toilette ersteigern, die komplett mit dem ersten X-Men-Heft (der zweiten Serie von 1991) in allen Variant-Covers beklebt ist. Die Auktion startet bei 495$ und läuft morgen schon aus, deshalb habe ich die Bilder von dieser Singularität der neueren Comic-Geschichte mal bei Flickr hochgeladen: X-Men #1 Decoupaged Toilet.

The number one selling comic book of all time, X-Men #1 (1991), sold over 7 MILLION copies. It was released with 4 variant covers and a "deluxe" edition with a gatefold cover and glossy pages.

One of each of the variants along with a deluxe, gave their useless lives to decorate this '70s era Standard American toilet.

The issues were carefully deconstructed, panel by panel, cover by cover using scissors and X-Acto blades. Hundreds of separate images were glued to every square inch (other than water holes) of the bowl, tank, seat, and lids. The gatefold cover was left intact to cover the tank lid, with smaller images added to cover the fold seams. After the entire tank was "base coated" with layers of images, the 3 covers that featured the members of the X-Men were dis-assembled to eliminate the backgrounds, then attached to the front of the tank. The bowl interior was covered with the assorted full-spread posters that came in the centerfold of each variant. The seat has been covered with the ads from the various companies that advertised back issues, showing the prices for available issues in 1991. The seat lid features the Magneto cover and assorted images of the Master of Magnetism from all the issues. The back of the seat lid features the "Blast From the Past" centerfold poster, with only X-Men as the background, no bad guys or filler pics. The bottom of the seat is glossy images from the deluxe edition only. It's shiny and makes a wonderful frame for the lid back when opened.....The credits for the issue, along with the indicia, are intact on the base, along with the author's name in large letters from an ad featuring his novels. After all the separate images were glued in place, they were coated repeatedly, first with the glue sealant, then with 5-6 coats of polyurethane. The whole process took upwards of 80 hours and a full pint of polyurethane.

Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 Toilet Hits eBay (via Unfug)