Pro-Gamer-Doku: Razer: The Hax Life

(Youtube Direktstarcraft, via Onur @Twitter)

Ich habe mir grade die Mini-Doku „Razer: The Hax Life“ über koreanische Pro-Gamer angesehen, oben der 10-Minuten-Cut, hier gibt's noch eine halbstündige Version: „So you think being a professional gamer is easy? The guys from WeMade FOX have poured virtual blood, sweat and tears into their careers as licensed professional gamers in Seoul. The Hax Life takes you behind the scenes of these keyboard cowboys as they talk about their training, careers and their life outside of gaming.“

Die Doku ist nicht komplett unkritisch, aber richtig interessant wird das Thema erst mit diesem Artikel über die Arbeitsbedingungen der Jungs, die in Camps leben und praktisch 24 Stunden am Tag nichts machen, außer essen, schlafen und spielen:

What has not yet received attention, however, is the dark side of anxiety and adverse working conditions facing many players amid this rapid growth in e-Sports. During a policy talk Thursday entitled “The Current Situation and Problems in the Gaming Industry and Game Sports,” organized by the Center for Culture & Society and the minor opposition New Progressive Party, StarCraft columnist Kim Jeong-geon made reference to a professional gamer development system he called “the chicken coop.”

Labor rights remain nonexistent for pro gamers