Senior Punks-Photoshop Contest


Schöner Photoshop-Contest auf Worth1000: Rentner-Punks. Die Ergebnisse sind wie immer durchwachsen (wie in jedem Contest – this is the nature of a contest), aber die ersten paar Einträge rocken wie Freddy Quinn.

The elderly are usually the first to stare in disbelieving amazement at today's youth, what with all their colorful hair styles and tattoos and body jewelry. Occasionally you'll come across a cool old lady whose purple handbag matches her bright purple hair. And that's just awesome. What if more senior citizens started letting go of their crotchety old-person ways? What if they all decided one day to stand up on their arthritic, wobbly legs and shake their canes angrily at the world and exclaim in one unified, scraggly old-geezer voice, "We're not going to conform to your ideas of what old people should be! We're tired of hobbling around on walkers and canes! We're tired of our boring white hair! Our music sucks! WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

And lo, it begins. Soon they're dyeing their hair (those that still have some) all sorts of wild colors. They're piercing their bodies all over the place. Tattoo parlors have geezers taking over their chairs, demanding the most outrageous body art you can imagine. Oh. My. Goodness. They're even blasting Green Day from the stereos in their Cadillacs. Welcome to the senior rebellion.

Senior Rebellion – These old folks won't make you get off their lawn.