ScienceBlogs Zombie-Day


Die Science-Blogs haben am Donnerstag satte 25 Zombie-Science-Artikel gepostet und was mich ja spontan nervt: Warum verstecken die die Links zu den einzelnen Postings hinter (doofen) Illustrationen, so dass man raten bzw. mit der Maus drüberfahren muss, um zu erfahren, um was es geht? Wissenschaftler, ey… einmal Grundkurs Usability bitte. So geht das:

Zombies and Cannibalism: the spread of an epidemic (Neurotopia)
Chased by a Zombie (Dot Physics)
Information behavior of Zombies (Christina's LIS Rant)
Experiments Performed on Various High Level University Administrators To Determine Whether or Not They are Zombies (The World's Fair)
An Arsenic Theory of Zombies (Speakeasy Science)
The Ballad of Edwin Rowlette, Modern Day Orpheus (SciencePunk)
Have You Done Your Zombie Day Shopping Yet? (Casaubon's Book)
Zombies - Not Just For TV. (Observations of a Nerd)
A Strong Argument For The Existence of Dark Matter (Starts With a Bang)
Developing a Zombie Vaccine (The Pump Handle)
Thursday Zombie Fun: Braaaiiiinnnnsssss! (Confessions of a Science Librarian)
Brains Open Access Initiative (Common Knowledge)
Who are you gonna save, zombies or sharks? (Pharyngula)
Scientific Research shows that a mystery pheromone may create zombies (Greg Laden's Blog)
Zombies Like Turtles (Living the Scientific Life)
Dr. Isis's Shoe of the Week - Zombie Edition (On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess)
The Great Zombie Hoax (White Coat Underground)
What to do with the climate denial zombies (Class M)
Zombies schmombies. Let's talk parasites. (Zooillogix)
On the Origin of Zombie Species (The Primate Diaries)
Are Zombies nocturnal? (A Blog Around the Clock)
What's eating you? - Bugs, bacteria, and zombies (Laelaps)
ZOMBIE WOMEN UNITE!!!!!!!! (Thus Spake Zuska)
Zombies Ate My Brain! (and other tales) (The Thoughtful Animal)
The Scientific Zombie (Page 3.14)

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