Funktionierendes Tron-Lightcycle auf Ebay

Auf Ebay kann man ein echtes, funktionierendes Lightcycle aus dem neuen Tron-Film kaufen. (Funktionierend heisst: Das Ding fährt und man kann damit auf der Straße rumkutschieren – es hinterlässt keine CGI-Licht-Mauern, dafür braucht es den Master Control MOD). Sind dieselben Bikes, die sie damals während der Tron-Viralaktion gezeigt hatten, umgebaut in ein echtes Motorrad. Kostet nur 35.000 Dollar, gibt's dafür aber weltweit nur fünf mal.

The new Tron Legacy movie will hit theaters in December of this year and the lightcycle sequence will be the hit of the movie. To celebrate this historic event, the Parker Brothers team is building 5 custom one off "Lightcycles" to the exact specs of the movie bikes. Each bike will be black with an accent color - 5 bikes with 5 different accent colors (red, blue, yellow, green, and orange). There will only be one bike made per color so if you must have a certain color, you better call now. This is a first come first serve project so don't delay. Disney designers built a "movie prop" of this bike for the TRON Legacy promotions and not a running version so these will be the only known running versions to exist. The engineering behind a fully functional version is mindboggling to say the least.

Now, about the bikes themselves, the wheels are custom made 22" x12" dual hubless wheels with custom made tires (Hoosier is custom making 5 sets just for us specifically for this project). (Buyers will have the option of additional tires as needed) The frame is 2" cold rolled and boxed hardened steel with carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies. Accent colors are neon glowing from behind frosted plexiglass and can be turned off or on with the flip of a switch.

2010 Custom Built Motorcycles Pro Street Light Cycle CBR R1 (via Albotas)