Suckadelics Toy Lords of Chinatown

28.06.2010 Misc #Remix #Toys

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(Vimeo Direkttoys, via Albotas)

Nette neue Videoserie von den Toy-Remixern von Suckadelic „depicting the Supervillain bootleg wars below Canal Street. This multi-part epic begins to explain the backstory of the mysterious SUPER SUCKLORD and his enemies as he tries to hold his position of Action Figure King on the mean streets of New York City's Chinatown. Look out for sneak peaks of new Suckadelic products placed throughout the episode as well as cameos by old classics...“

Unbedingt die komplette Website von Suckadelic durchklicken, die haben haufenweise fantastischer Toy-Remixe und sowas am Start.