Chase Jarvis complete Photography-Workflow

(Youtube Direktchase, via Gizmodo)

Fotograf Chase Jarvis hat seinen kompletten digitalen Workflow in ein superunterhaltsames Video gepackt und ein umfassendes Blogposting dazu online gestellt. Für jeden, der sich auch nur halbwegs für Fotografie interessiert, ein Must-Watch/Read.

This video covers all the ins and outs, the theory and the details of our complete photo and video workflow from capture to archive and everything in between. So whether you’re a seasoned pro, an aspiring amateur, or just starting out in photography or video we’ve worked hard to make this worth your time.

While there is no “right” digital workflow, ours has been shaped in the professional environment over the past 10 years. More importantly the techniques we use, the gear, the methodology, everything discussed herein been time tested and entirely scalable depending on budget, experience and where you’re at personally in photography and video, wheter you’ve got millions of images or just hundreds. Ultimately, this is a template, a summary of our experience piled into one video and one blog post.

Chase Jarvis TECH: Complete Workflow and Backup for Photo + Video