Bruce Campbells condensed Cream of Darkness Soup

Zum gestrigen 52. Geburtstag von The Bruce vier verschiedene Campbell Soup-Labels als PDF zum ausdrucken am Start. Groovy Birthday, Bruce!

Click here [PDF] to print out SCI FI Wire's full-sized labels for Bruce Campbell's Soup, wrap them around four cans, and pretty soon you'll be gobbling down bowls of Gumbo Ho-Tep, Cream of Darkness and more.

The man may be known for his famous line, "Gimme some sugar, baby"—but today, we're in the mood for soup—and it's got to be Bruce Campbell's.

Four labels from the Bruce Campbell's Soup Company (via Albotas)

Nach dem Klick noch Bruce Campbells völlig fantastischen Old Spice-Commercials, eins davon mit einem Cover von Duran Durans „Hungry like a Wolf“.

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