Anarchists Ball – Three Sided Football

(Vimeo Direktsoccer, via MeFi)

Endlich hat sich mal jemand die Mühe gemacht und Fußball auch für Nerds wie mich interessant gemacht: „Three-sided football is a variation of football (soccer) with three teams instead of the usual two. It was devised by the Danish Situationist Asger Jorn to explain his notion of triolectics, his refinement on the Marxian concept of dialectics, as well as to disrupt one's everyday idea of football. Played on a hexagonal pitch, the game can be adapted for similarity to soccer as well as other versions of football.“ (Wikipedia)

Oben ein französischer Tutorialfilm von Nacer Merzoughi, hier die Regeln und hier ein Snip von einem Spielbericht einiger Anarchistenkicker: The Anarchists' Ball - 3-Sided Football.

Today's game involves fellow anarchists the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) who are developing an independent space-travel project based on the premise that all we require to travel the universe is imagination and a map of another planet. Accordingly, today's match is to be played on the surface of the moon, or Hackney, depending on who you believe.

Gathering in St. Barnabas church hall, the assembled anarchists, amateur astronauts, baffled hacks and the merely curious are asked to form three groups, autonomously of course, and issued with Bartholomew's maps of the moon's surface.

John Eden of the AAA joins our side, Group One. "We're going to the moon now to find a suitable site to play three-sided football. We're starting from one of the lunar seas, the Mare Heraculem." So, we begin milling around looking for a football pitch and resisting all bourgeois notions of imposed order. Consequently we fail to get anything together.