Abandoned Six Flags Themepark in New Orleans

Sehr schönes Flickr-Set von Brynne Photography aus dem Six Flags Themepark in New Orleans, der seit der Überflutung nach Hurrikan Katrina einsam und verlassen vor sich hinrottet.

Eastern New Orleans was badly flooded in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The park grounds are located on a low-lying section of Eastern New Orleans, with a 6-foot earthen flood berm running along the perimeter, creating an artificial basin. After the park's drainage pumps failed during the storm, the berm retained the combination of rainwater and sea water overflow from Lake Pontchartrain caused by Katrina's massive storm surge, submerging the entire park grounds in corrosive, brackish floodwater to a depth of 4–7 feet. The floodwater was not drained for over a month. Due to the damage received, the park has been and is currently closed.

Abandoned Six Flags - New Orleans, mehr abandoned Kram von Brynn Photography (via KFMW, Doobybrain)