Moshpit Is A Metal Head Orgasmotron - Converting Headbanging Into Metal

14.06.2010 Misc #Metal

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moshpit amp - metal head orgasmotron from fur all

Wer noch was zum Warmmachen fürs Wacken sucht, der sollte sich zeitnah mal den Moshpit Amp von fur anschauen. \m/

The MoshPit Amp is an automata that converts headbanging movements into metal music. Through style and intensity of your head banging, you are the conductor of a virtual metal band consisting of four instruments: vocals, bass, drums and guitar. you can control the volume as well as the pattern of each instrument to create engaging musical arrangements. If you mosh really hard you can trigger a guitar solo for the ultimate rock experience. Your performance in front of the amp will additionally be supportet by a lightshow with smoke, flash and pyrotechnics. (...)

If you ever dreamed of being a rock star without having to learn an instrument – you will find this awesome. Moshing in front of the MoshPit Amp will pull you straight into the epicenter of a metal concert. A wall of sound under your command, a vulcanic, orgasmic eruption, a vent for your aggressions, ecstacy, armageddon – it's all in this inconspicious little box.

Mosh Pit Metal Head Orgasmotron

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