Magnavox Odyssey on „Whats my Line?“

(Youtube Direktpong, via Retro Thing)

Die erste Konsole, ever, die Magnavox Odyssey, beim amerikanischen Vorbild von „Was bin ich?“ irgendwann Anfang der 70er, wahrscheinlich noch vor Markteinführung des Geräts mit einem Prototypen. Die absolut ahnungslosen Kandidaten und ihre aus heutiger Sicht völlig naiven Fragen zeigen, wie völlig neu und revolutionär das Konzept elektronischer Spiele damals noch war. We've come a long way, baby.

It's really fun to hear them struggle to articulate when they think might be happening on the hidden TV. Even the host is terribly distracted from his hosting duties while engaging in a game of TV tennis with a marketing executive from Magnavox.

When host Larry Bliden finally reveals the Odyssey video game system, the panel are very impressed. No one seems bothered by having to affix mylar overlays to give the monochrome pong game a dash of color. We all know this as the simplest of video games, but back then it was enough of a revelation to just be interactive with the TV set. Even Soupy Sales was gobsmacked into silence.

First Home Video Game System On "What's My Line?"