Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

(Youtube Direktkakerlake, via Hackaday)

Garnet Hertz hat diesen kakerlakengesteuerten (allein das Wort schon!) Roboter bereits 2006 gebaut, ich habe ihn aber grade eben (naja gut, gestern nacht nach'm Packen und beim Nochmalfeedreaderleermachen) erst gesehen…

"Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot" is an experimental robotic system that translates the bodily movements of a living, organic insect into the physical locomotion of a three-wheeled robot. Distance sensors at the front of the robot also provide navigation feedback to the cockroach, striving to create a pseudo-intelligent system with the cockroach as the CPU. This project is motivated by three key concepts: 1. Biomimetics, 2. The Cyborg, and 3. The Computational/Biological.

Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot: Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine