Terrestrial Shrub Rovers Driver can not be seen

(Youtube Direktbusch, via Gearfuse)

Justin Hull schreibt zu seinem fahrenden Busch: „In the spirit of NASA and its forthcoming 2020 lunar expeditions in preparation for colonizing the moon, the Terrestrial Shrub Rover presents the opportunity to explore terrestrial and social environments back on Earth from within a manned, foliage bedecked, solar electric powered rover.“

Das ist natürlich Blödsinn, das ist nämlich „Mr. Nesbitt of Harlow New Town. Mr. Nesbit would you stand up please. (after a pause - nothing happens) Mr. Nesbitt has learnt the value of not being seen. However he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover. The bush explodes and you hear a muffled scream. Cut to another scene with three bushes.“

Kommen wir nun zu etwas völlig anderem.