DIY Walpurgisnacht Witchcraft-Book

Ross MacDonald hat dieses Buch kürzlich für einen Film gebastelt. Das Buch ist im Film „500 years old, oozes putrefaction and malevolence and is believed to be bound in .....human skin.“

The interior is filled with collages of images and text from period books. Most of the text is German, taken from 15th century books. Many of the images are from the same period, for the sake of authenticity. But for the sake of what looks cool, there are images from other periods as well. The ones on this spread include 2 diagrams from Georg von Welling's 1735 Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum et Theosophicum, a number puzzle designed by Ben Franklin, a Celtic knot, a diagram of a microbe and a heraldic device. One other pages, there are bits of electronic schematics, some diagrams and handwriting from George Washington's school notebook, and diagrams of crystals and fungi from a 19th century dictionary.

Walpurgisnacht - the handbook (via Superpunch)