The Internet is re-wiring our Brains and this is the Result: PiNKiE♥P♥PPiN*~!

(Youtube Direktpinky, via Doobybrain)

Diese Dame nennt sich Lexi Bee, hat einen Etsy-Shop namens Pinkielicious und sie schreibt, wie sie spricht:

Hiyah *SUGAH♥SUGAHS*~! ~S♥~S♥~S♥~ sawwy for the wait~~~but it is *OVAH* indeedy*~! C; Shootie♥Pie piccays shall be *UPPERS* soonies*~! Probsie SUNDAYSiE♥OR♥MoNdAy*~! If you're followin' me on Twitty~~~You'll know when***! ;D ♥ Leave your questions in a comment ♥&♥ be answering 'em ♥NEXT♥ viddy*~! C: ♥Mwah♥

I feel old now.