What the Spill will kill: Oil Spill Fun (or… maybe not)

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John Clarke und Bryan Dawe, zwei australische Kabarettisten, über BP/Arals Ölpest im Golf von Mexiko gefolgt von einem vintage Öl-Propagandavideo, in dem „Wissenschaftler“ Öl in Aquarien voller Austern schütten und nach jahrelangen Studien und harter Schufterei feststellen, „they are happier than ever!“ Yeah, right.

Und wie immer bei dem Thema: Wem das zu „lustig“ war, hier ein Artikel der Newsweek über die Unterwasser-Ölschwaden, die von unabhängigen Wissenschaftlern vor drei Wochen entdeckt wurden, was sowohl BP als auch Regierungssprecher als Lapalie bezeichnet wurde und welche nun aber immer offensichtlicher die tatsächliche Katastrophe darstellen: What the Spill will kill.

What might have been just another oil spill—albeit a bad one—has been transformed into something unprecedented. Even if the containment dome lowered into place late last week continues to siphon off some of the leaking crude, the Deepwater Horizon disaster will enter the record books not for how much but for where: an enormous release of crude oil not only onto vulnerable shorelines and fragile marshes but into the largely unexplored depths of the sea. The consequences for the delicate balance of existence in the vulnerable ecosystems of the gulf, and for the vast cycles of nature that sustain life there and beyond, are as incalculable as they are potentially devastating.

"I'm not too worried about oil on the surface," says chemist Ed Overton of Louisiana State University. "It's going to cause very substantial and noticeable damage—marsh loss and coastal erosion and impact on fisheries, dead birds, dead turtles—but we'll know what that is. It's the things we don't see that worry me the most. What happens if you wipe out all those jellyfish down there? We don't know what their role is in the environment. But Mother Nature put them there for a reason," and many are in the plumes' paths.

What the Spill Will Kill (via Telepolis)