L.A. Police vs. Real Life Batman

(NBC Direktbatman, via Hero Complex)

Batman und andere Superhelden wurden in den vergangenen Tagen auf dem Hollywood Boulevard festgenommen. Die Justice League of America hat sich zu Beratungen zurückgezogen, ein offizielles Statement der Gerechtigkeitsliga wird im Laufe des Tages erwartet. Von CNN:

Hollywood's superhero community buzzed after Batman's arrest Wednesday, just days after Spiderman, Cat Woman and at least a dozen others were taken into custody by Los Angeles police.

It's part of a police crackdown on unlicensed costumed characters who pose for photos with tourists near Grauman's Chinese Theatre while hoping for -- but not demanding -- small tips.

"It's un-American," said Joe McQueen, an actor who has made his living for the past 10 years wearing an Incredible Hulk costume. "I feel like we're being bullied, dude."

Hollywood crackdown nabs faux superheroes