Shepard Fairey teaches Kids about Politics and Streetart

(Youtube Direktkids)

Schönes Video eines Interviews mit Shepard Fairey über eine Aktion, bei der er mit Kids Streetart zu sozialen und politischen Themen machte. Toll!

The New York CityKids organization is a non-profit youth development program that brings together young adults in inner-city communities. Under the theme "A Positive Thought Cannot Be Denied," CityKids worked with contemporary artist Shepard Fairey last month to organize a series of murals and expression of ideas on issues of social justice. These topics ranged from teen violence to environmental and education-related issues; the participating youth were encouraged to build on Fairey's street-art aesthetic to share their perspective through art.

PSFK Speaks With Shepard Fairey On Social Injustice And Youth Expression Through Art (via ObeyGiant)