Gunther von Hagens Bodyshop

Gunther von Hagens sieht aus wie Reverend Kane aus Poltergeist 2, plastiniert Leichen, reist mit seiner Körperwelten-Ausstellung um die Welt und eröffnet jetzt einen Shop. Für menschliche, plastinierte Körperteile. Raucherlunge für 3600 Euro oder ein Stückchen Gehirn, alles da. Und demnächst auch mit Online-Shop für ganz faule Zombies wie mich.

Now comes the latest step: a body supermarket, adjoining his laboratory, that allows you to take a body part home with you for prices ranging from €80 to €11,000.

Technically he is only supposed to sell the chunks of human to doctors, universities, teaching institutions. “We mark those bits with a red spot,” said a sales assistant at the body shop. “And if you buy a bit of elephant or rhino you will have to sign a form. Everything else marked with a green spot can be bought without restrictions.”

In fact, say customers, the controls are lax and you can pile up your shopping basket with most internal organs.

Soon the shop will have an online outlet, saving the journey to Guben in the far east of Germany.

Dr Death’s body shop for that unusual gift (via Arbroath, Bild: This is your body on music)