Mars Attacks-Wall Sticker!


Tim Burtons fantastischer SciFi-Spaß „Mars Attacks“ basiert ja bekanntlich auf einer Reihe Sammelkarten von Topps aus dem Jahr 1962 (ich hatte mal High Res-Scans davon gefunden und bei Flickr hochgeladen) und von denen gibt es jetzt offiziell lizensierte Prints! Die große Variante kostet rund 130 Dollar, dafür ist die dann aber auch fast 2 Meter breit (75", also 190cm) – das ist zwar nicht ganz billig, aber ihr wollt nicht wirklich wissen, was das komplette Set aus 55 Prints in 72" kosten. Mit dem kann man sich dann aber auch die ganze Wohnung mit fiesen Aliens tapezieren.

Auf ihrer Website haben LTL Prints noch weitere, riesige Wall Sticker mit Flash Gordon, Garbage Pail Kids oder den Peanuts. Großartig!

LTL PRINTS has been working with Topps for the last six months, and we have launched giant wall graphics featuring a number of their classic brands, including Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, and Hollywood Zombies, along with several collections of sportscard wrapper wall graphics (Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey, from the 1950s to the present). Our most recent wall graphics launch with Topps, Mars Attacks, is my personal favorite. Originally released in 1962, the Mars Attacks trading cards were drawn by renowned comic book artists Wally Wood and Bob Powell, and painted by legendary pulp artist Norman Saunders. Kids loved them, but the cards prompted parental concerns due to the sensational storyline and over-the-top graphics.

After LTL PRINTS had launched over 500 Wacky Packages wall graphics and received some pretty nice feedback from our customers, we asked Topps if there was any chance that we could launch the same sort of thing for Mars Attacks. They said YES, and went into their archives and re-scanned the master versions of each of the 55 cards in the original trading card series.

Mars Attacks Premium Wall Stickers (via Make, BoingBoing)