Skateistan – The Movie (plus: Photography by Noah Abrams)

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Gestern ging das Portfolio des Fotografen Noah Abrams rum, in dem er ein Fotoprojekt namens Skateistan online gestellt hatte. Was Abrams nur in einem Nebensatz in einem Interview erwähnte, das er irgendwo in seinem Blog verlinkt hatte: Das Projekt Skateistan gibt es schon relativ lange, braucht immer noch alle Unterstützung die es kriegen kann (aber sie sind, wie man auf ihrer Website sehr gut sehen kann, ziemlich alive and kicking) und: Es wird demnächst eine Doku über die Skateschule in Afghanistan geben, oben der Trailer dazu.

Hier noch ein Snip aus dem Interview mit Noah Abrams, in dem er unter anderem erzählt, wie er mit den Kids aus dem Projekt in einem ausgebombten Palast skatete:

I would imagine it to be particularly difficult to get to Afghanistan, how the hell did you get there?
It's definitely not easy. From idea to actually travelling there took around eight months. Getting the Visas was the tricky part but we had some great support on the Afghan side. After all the organizing we had to fly from the US to Germany then finally to Kabul. It takes a little over two days to get there and we were on a weird travel high when we arrived.

So the skaters you brought were fine with just going out there and seeing what happens?
Well, no. I went out there with a few people first before I had even approached the skaters with the idea. I didn't feel comfortable asking people to go to an active war zone without having been there first. That allowed me to approach them with the all the positives and negatives, give them my opinion and allow them to make up their own minds.

How did they react?
I got some odd looks at first and there was some hesitation by a few people, but I don't recall anyone flat out declining. I think by nature skateboarders are curious and a lot more open to ideas that may be out of the ordinary.

Who ended up going on the trip?
Cairo Foster and I flew out there together and then Kenny Reed and Louisa Menke joined us in Europe. Maysam Faraj met us in Kabul.

That's good to hear. So who are these two guys in the photo above?
They were the security at one of the spots we skated. They actually opened locked gates for us to skate this bombed out palace. I mean, imagine that happening anywhere else! When we had finished skating, they thanked us for leaving our families to visit them in Afghanistan. It was a very emotional moment for everyone.

Yeah, heavy.

Hier die Fotostrecke auf Abrams Website, hier das Interview mit ihm. (via We like that)

Und wem das alles zu hoffnungsvoll erscheint, nach dem Klick noch Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoys TED-Talk, den sie gestern in ihrem Blog posteten. Die war in Madrasas (Koranschulen) in Pakistan und hat dort Kids interviewt, die von den Taliban zu Selbstmordattentätern ausgebildet und dazu einer Gehirnwäsche unterzogen werden. Skateboards haben die keine, dafür aber, hmm, „vernünftige“ Ansichten: „I would love to [carry out a suicide bombing], but only if I get permission by my dad.“

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy takes on a terrifying question: How does the Taliban convince children to become suicide bombers? Propaganda footage from a training camp is intercut with her interviews of young camp graduates. A shocking vision.

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