Guillermo Del Toro über Frank Frazetta

Hero Complex hat einen sehr schönen Nachruf auf Fantasy-Illustrator-Legende Frank Frazetta, der vor zwei Tagen an einem Schlaganfall verstarb, in dem Guillermo del Toro, Neal Adams und John Milius zu Wort kommen.

Guillermo del Toro, the Oscar-nominated co-writer of "Pan's Labyrinth," which he also directed along with the "Hellboy" films, said that Frazetta was nothing less than "an Olympian artist that defined fantasy art for the 20th century." The filmmaker, reached Monday in New Zealand where he is working on a two-film adaptation of "The Hobbit," said Frazetta's influence is difficult to explain to people outside the fantasy world, just as Norman Rockwell would be an elusive figure to define for someone unfamiliar with the U.S. heartland.

"He gave the world a new pantheon of heroes," the filmmaker said by e-mail. "He took the mantle from J. Allen St. John and Joseph Clement Coll and added blood, sweat and sexual power to their legacy.... He somehow created a second narrative layer for every book he ever illustrated."

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