Paper made from Bullshit

10.05.2010 Misc #Paper

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Ein Mann aus Neuseeland stellt Papier aus Bullenscheiße her und irgendwo in dieser Meldung stecken haufenweise Witze über klassische Medien, totes Holz, Print ist tot und Journalismus drin, die müsst ihr euch aber selber ausdenken.

Andrew Reilly […] figured out a way to turn bull dung into paper. During studies towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whanganui UCOL, Mr Reilly discovered an affinity for paper-making. In his research, he found different cultures were making paper from many fibrous materials – including kangaroo poo, wombat faeces and elephant manure. Back in his hometown of Bulls, there was one logical step.

New Zealand man makes paper from bullshit