Aliens manipulieren Voyager 2 am Rande des Sonnensystems

08.05.2010 Misc
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Auch so 'ne Meldung, die einem mal wieder bewusst macht, dass wir tatsächlich im fucking Jahr 2010 leben: Problem Detected with Voyager 2 Spacecraft at Edge of Solar System. (via Reddit)

The 33-year-old Voyager 2 spacecraft, which is currently 8.6 billion miles (13.8 billion km) from Earth, is apparently still in good health, according to the latest engineering data received on May 1. But Voyager 2's flight data system, which formats information before beaming it back to Earth, has experienced a hiccup that altered the pattern in which it sends updates home.

Because of that pattern change, mission managers can no longer decode the science data beamed to Earth from Voyager 2. The space probe and its twin Voyager 1 are flying through the bubble-like heliosphere, created by the sun, which surrounds our solar system.

Ich gehe natürlich schwer davon aus, dass Voyager dort auf Aliens gestoßen ist und die noch eine Weile unerkannt bleiben wollen.