The Art & Science of Slicing up a Human Brain

Das Discover Mag hat einen sehr schönen Artikel über die Kunst des wissenschaftlichen Hirnscheibenschneidens. Unbedingt dort weiterklicken und die Bilder anschauen und das zweite Foto hier ist das lange überfällige, wissenschaftliche RealLife-Mashup von Dexter und Hannibal Lecter. Ich stelle mir grade vor, wie Lecter lecker Hirn in Scheiben schneidet, es dann, wie Dexter, auf Objektträgern in einer Box sammelt und beinahe liebevoll mit versonnenem Blick seine Finger über die Glasränder seiner Sammlung gleiten lässt. Wie auch immer: Hirnwurst!

There is an art to removing the brain from a human cadaver. The donor should be lying faceup, and you should stand just behind the crown of the head. Carefully cut through the skin to expose the skull. Using a neurosurgery drill with a guard plate, cut the bone all the way around the head, above the ears. (It might help to pretend you are a barber giving a monk his tonsure.) This process, called fenestration, is more precise than using a saw. Out of respect for the donor, you do not want to damage the brain.

Remove the top of the skull. With a small scalpel, carefully detach the cranial nerves, which emerge from the brain and thread their way through the skull to the face. As you gently lift the brain away from the skull with your left hand, cut the spinal cord with your right, releasing the brain from the skull. Once the organ is loose in your hand, you must be exceedingly gentle: At this stage it has the consistency of a ripe peach. Weigh it, then treat it with fixatives to preserve the tissue.

The Art & Science of Slicing up a Human Brain: Scientists are using the most-studied brain in history to create a Google Earth for everything inside your head. (via Digg)