Dinner & Poetry & Bill Murray

Nur falls Ihr mal die Gelegenheit haben solltet, mit Bill Murray zu speisen: Der Mann ist im echten Leben mindestens genauso witzig, wie in seinen Filmen. Jada Yuan hat jedenfalls für das New York Magazine aufgeschrieben, was so passieren kann, wenn man mit Bill Murray zu Abend isst.

• Murray, who is unfailingly polite, will remember that he has met you and where it happened. You will spend the dinner wondering if he also remembers that he seemed to not like you.

• If you are a lady, he will stand up when you take your seat and remain standing until you pull your chair in. He will do this for every female at his table. You soon will start making an effort to sit down and stand up faster.

• He will commit to memory the name of everyone at the table, making introductions each time a new person sits down.

• He will make friends with the waiters and give them nicknames. “Handsome” will now be your server.

Dinner With Bill Murray: A Party Reporter’s Guide (via MeFi)

Bonustrack: Bill Murray liest Bauarbeitern im Poetry House in Manhattan Gedichte vor.

(Youtube Direktpoetry, via Popmoderne)