Philippe Halsmans vintage JUMP-Photography

Philippe Halsman ist wohl einer der berühmtesten Fotografen der Welt, eine seiner bekanntesten Arbeiten mit Dali und Katzen hatte ich vor Ewigkeiten mal hier, ich wusste aber nicht, dass das Bild aus einer ganzen Serie mit Jump-Fotos stammt, die alle möglichen Berühmtheiten aus vergangenen Tagen beim Rumhüpfen zeigt.

Die Laurence Miller Gallery in New York stellt noch bis Ende Mai eine Sammlung dieser Dotzbilder aus, oben von links nach rechts und oben nach unten: Harold Lloyd, Audrey Hepburn, Richard Nixon und Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin. Auf der Seite zur Ausstellung gibt's noch Marilyn Monroe, Aldous Huxley oder Jane Mansfield. Alle am Rumspringen!

Philippe Halsman […] had the bold and unconventional idea back in the 1950’s to ask the famous and prominent people he was commissioned to photograph for the likes of LIFE, LOOK and the Saturday Evening Post, once the formal sessions were over, to jump! The results were amazing, as each subject interpreted this bizarre request in their own unique way, often defying their typical public image. We see Richard Nixon as he floats twelve inches above the floor with a peaceful smile on his face, a far cry from the scowl many of us ultimately remember him by. And there is the rather large Jackie Gleason, in a handsome dark suit and his fingers extended wide, defying gravity as he lifts off, and from somewhere off-camera we can’t help but hear “To the moon, Alice.”

Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Salvador Dali, Weegee, Jack Dempsey and even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor agreed to take a leap of faith. In that era of live television along with the popularity of the big glossy magazines, one’s image was not nearly as protected and shaped by handlers as it is today. There was a feeling of innocence, a desire for spontaneity, and Halsman, with his playful and charming personality, knew he had to get almost everyone to oblige his demand: JUMP!

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