Banksys £200,000-Artwork für Exit through the Gift Shops Drummer

Was bekommt man, wenn Banksy zufällig den Namen einer Band für seinen Streetart-Film „Exit through the Gift Shop“ wählt? Richtig: Einen Banksy.

The painting arrived outside Simon Duncan's west London home inside a battered old van. Overnight it has put him at the heart of street culture and made him £200,000 wealthier. The new work by Banksy was sent unexpectedly last week to Duncan, a 41-year-old web developer, as compensation for the world-renowned graffiti artist having coincidentally chosen the name of Duncan's band as the title for his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

What's in a name? For Simon Duncan's band, a £200,000 Banksy... (via Arbroath)