Black Holes Real Life-Mutant-Teenagers

Das Comic „Black Hole“ kannte ich bisher noch nicht, aber von dieser Fotoserie von Max Oppenheim zu schließen, dürfte es mich mindestens interessieren.

A collaborative series with photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin in tribute to Charles Burns for his comic ‘Black Hole’. Within this series specific bespoke prosthetic’s were modeled and cast for each individual model. With careful consideration to wardrobe, lighting and style to ‘Black Hole’. The Operators set about finalising the shot within retouch, developing specific colour styles and prosthetic enhancement for each individual shot.

Black Hole, io9 hat eine nette Gegenüberstellung der Fotos mit ihren Comic-Pendants Amazon-Partnerlink: Black Hole (via BoingBoing)