48 Stunden mit Sid Meier

Motherboard hat eine schöne Folge ihrer Serie „Oral History of Gaming“ gepostet: Game Godfather Sid Meier and the 48-Hour Game. Der Herr Meier hat mir ja ohnehin mit seinen Civilisation-Games mindestens einen Monat meiner Lebenszeit geklaut, da machen diese 23 Minuten jetzt auch nix mehr aus.

The master behind Civilization I through IV, Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, and dozens of other titles, Sid Meier is one of the most acclaimed game designers of all time. Always a true believer in the idea that games will someday rule the world, Meier wants to inspire a new generation of game designers. Namely, the ones from his alma mater at Michigan, where he returns in this episode of Motherboard, in order to judge and of course participate in the “7th Annual Wolverine Soft 48 Hour Game Design Contest,” which pits coders and designers against each other in a race to create a game in two days.

Sid first used a computer as an undergrad at Michigan, when punch cards and time-sharing meant that one mistake cost hours of time. It was on that early IBM mainframe that Sid designed the first tic-tac‐toe game, a use for which he was chastised and nearly kicked out.

Oral History of Gaming: Game Godfather Sid Meier and the 48-Hour Game