A Million in the Morning

(Youtube Direktsleep, via We like that)

Das hier klingt sehr nach einer Doku nach meinem Geschmack: Gavin Mcinnes begleitet einen Rekordversuch im Dauerfilmgucken, wofür er 5 Tage wachbleiben muss. Keine wirklich gute Idee.

Follow Gavin Mcinnes as he stays awake for 5 Days with ZERO sleep, Documenting the World Movie Watching Championship. As 8 contestants compete for a Guinness Book World Record “Most consecutive movies watched without sleeping.” Gavin quickly looses his shit and the film takes a sharp left turn into the depths of insanity and the disturbing underbelly of the american subconscious… Directed by Jason GOLDWATCH. Soundtrack by JAY ELECTRONICA, DJ Honda, RJD2, EL-P, The Death SET and others….

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