Photography: Boogie im Interview

Mein Lieblingsfotograf heisst Boogie, ist serbischer Einwanderer in New York und fotografiert nicht nur dort Junkies, Gangmitglieder und soziale Brennpunkte. Immer Schwarzweiß, immer sehr grob und oft in Schnappschuß-Ästhetik, diese aber immer gnadenlos talentiert geknippst. Ich hatte seine Arbeiten schon öfter hier, wenn er jetzt aber ein Interview gibt, muss ich ja drauf hinweisen. Snip:

He has photographed gang members and drug addicts in Brooklyn’s housing projects; neo-Nazi skinheads in Serbia; and transsexual prostitutes in Sao Paulo, Brazil — gaining unfettered access into worlds where outsiders are normally greeted with violence, suspicion, or a combination of the two.

He has told these stories with an unflinching eye — never recoiling, but always attempting to provide a truthful portrayal. “It’s just the way I see the world,” Boogie says. “People who view my work can make their own judgments.”

Boogie’s photographs have the power to knock the wind out of you, or set a fire in your mind. His shots are provocative in an unexpected way. Amidst violence, sorrow, and grim reality, he manages to wring clarity and beauty from the chaos.

Documentary Photographer Boogie on the Life/Death of the American Dream (via cpluv)