Slate über Atari 2600

Slate hat einen wunderbaren und tatsächlich ziemlich romantischen Artikel über das Atari 2600. Ich würde als Urknall von „Gaming @ Home“ zwar eher Pong (ja, ich hatte eins, zwar nur ein Ripoff namens „Telespiel“, aber es war Pong) bezeichnen, aber hey: ATAAAARI!

Born in the early 1970s, I've experienced only a few world-changing events along the lines of the automobile, the telephone, and the television. Sure, I was around the campus computer cluster when NCSA Mosaic was installed in 1994, but the Internet didn't make a grand entrance. (The UC Museum of Paleontology, a prominent early Web site, was only so interesting.) The World Wide Web doesn't compare with 1981, when my brother and I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas. Before Atari, no video games at home. After Atari, video games all the time.

Speak, Atari – How the 2600 forged the home video game future. (via Digg)