Hydrogen Atoms Electron Orbital-Cookies

08.04.2010 Misc Science #Food

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Evil Mad Scientist hat Plätzchen in Form von Wasserstoff-Orbitalen gebacken, weil's geht. Die sehen zwar nicht ganz so lecker aus, wie die Atom-Cookies, die ich neulich schon gepostet hatte, sind dafür aber wissenschaftlich exakter.

The chart above shows the appearance of a single hydrogen atom in a few of its lowest excited states. In each of those states, the electron is found in a different orbital, some of which have unfamiliar shapes. But even the term "shape" is a little funny for something that you can't hold in your hand. These are actually probability density plots, which show the likelihood of observing the electron in any one position at a given time-- and more correctly, 2D projections of 3D probability densities.

So even the humble hydrogen atom can be a bit complex. Fortunately, we have advanced technology that can help us cut though the quantum mechanical haze: Cookies!

Atomic Cookies! (via Neatorama)