Vice Guide to Film: Mexican Narco Cinema

Hier der Vice Guide to Film, die erste Folge über Mexican Narco Cinema: „Action, Guns, Drugs, Cars, Helicopters, Explosions, Women and Drugs.“ Der zweite Teil weiter unten, den dritten reiche ich dann nach und Ich muss nicht wirklich betonen, wie awesome das alles zusammen ist, oder?

Shane takes a trip to Austin, Texas, to beef up on narco trivia before heading down to Mexico. Once in Cuernavaca, Mexico we meet Mario Almada, the John Wayne of Mexican film. He’s been in more movies than any other person alive today.

After a brief history of Mexican film explaining the rise of straight-to-video B-movies, Shane gets decked out in narco-duds and gets a mariachi elegy. By the days end, we’re off to Tijuana to play a walk-on roll in the “Chrysler 300” movie series.

Und hier der Trailer zur gesammten Serie:

In this original series, Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti explore film in a way and in places never seen before. Each of the six episodes comes from wildly different countries, with the film scene giving insight into the wider social and cultural backdrop of the country. Episodes include: the only ever look at Kim Jong-il’s film studios in North Korea, the Narco Cinema funded by Mexico’s drug lords, a Yukuza-sponsored Gaspar Noe film in Japan, the parallel cinema movement in Russia, filmmakers working against the odds in Palestine and a visit to Tehran to explore burgeoning Iranian Film

Mexican Narco Cinema Part 1 of 3, Part 2 (via Dangerous Minds)