The Science of Interspecies Erotica

29.03.2010 Misc #Animals #Sex

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Es gibt nichts, was man an einem wissenschaftlichen Artikel über Interspecies Erotica nicht lieben könnte und das Symbolbild dort ist das wohl beste Symbolbild aller Zeiten. Außerdem gibt es keinen besseren Artikel, den man an einem Montagmorgen lesen könnte. Und ja, ich habe diesen Artikel mit einem Ausmaß an Interesse gelesen, das mir so ein bisschen Sorge bereitet. Aber nur ein bisschen.

Ich kannte übrigens mal eine Dame, die hat im zarten Teenageralter Zungenküsse mit ihrem Hund geübt, das ist aber auch schon die einzige Erfahrung mit dem Thema, die ich habe. Naja, und obige Esel-Szene aus Clerks 2 natürlich.

For decades, the scientific study of human beings’ sexual relations with (other) animals has concentrated almost entirely on the overt act of bestiality, viewing such behavior as a surrogate for human-to-human sex. As a consequence of this scholarly approach, researchers have until very recently overlooked the possibility that some people might actually prefer to have a romantic affair with a horse (or dog, lamb, cow, sow, or some other choice species) than to become trapped into such unthinkable carnal relations with another person.

This emphasis on bestiality as a behavior rather than as a possible sexual orientation can probably be traced back to the seminal work of Alfred Kinsey. In his classic 1948 book with Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (W. B. Saunders), Kinsey reported that 50 percent of the population of American “farm-bred males” claimed to have had sexual contact with various other species, usually ungulates. Many of these people, said Kinsey, were ashamed of their early sexual experimentation with animals (most of these puerile encounters took place when the boys were between ten and twelve years of age), and so he advised clinicians to assure these now grown males that it was all part of being raised in a rural environment where females were scarce and premarital relations strictly forbidden. “To a considerable extent,” wrote Kinsey, “contacts with animals are substitutes for heterosexual relations with human females.”

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