Light Ripples – Interactive Sphere-Pool-Light-Installation

(Vimeo Direktliquid, via Imaginary Foundation)

Ich habe keine Ahnung, was Light Ripples macht, aber es sieht toll aus. (Naja, so ein bisschen habe ich schon eine Ahnung, denn tatsächlich ist das relativ simpel: „Eight floating balls are tracked via a camera above. The balls attract projected shapes towards them. If a ring intersects a disc, a new sound is born. Each sound triggers the creation of a new visual feast. Voila! Ever-evolving compositions aka liquid magic.“)

Gemacht hat das ganze Eness, ein Designstudio aus Melbourne, Snip von ihrer Website:

Prepare to be sucked in to a liquid vortex, a celestial extravaganza of wondrous visions and ethereal sounds. A pool of mesmerizing liquid illuminations, eight floating balls act as the inputs. Music and visuals are created from the interplay between you, the balls and virtual objects. The visual compositions evoke a sense of awe and thoughts of the universe, from a microscopic look into a petri dish to a vision of infinite galaxies.