Torture-Memo Star Wars-Remix

Unfassbar, aber es gibt anscheinend tatsächlich Anwälte mit Humor. Einer davon hat nämlich ein Folter-Memo im Stil des Weißen Hauses mit Jedis remixt.

Given the ongoing threat of Rebel terrorist attacks, the capture and interrogation of Rebel operatives is imperative to our Imperial security and defense. Because of the asymmetric nature of terrorist operations, information is perhaps the most critical weapon for defeating the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel Alliance is not a governmental entity, and has no fixed planetary system as its base of operations. It has no fixed, large-scale military or civilian infrastructure. It deploys personnel, materiel and finances covertly, and it attacks without warning using unconventional weapons and methods. (See appendix C, “The Force: Jedi and Sith Weaponry.”)

As the Death Star attack and subsequent events demonstrate, it seeks to launch terror attacks against purely civilian targets, and seeks to acquire weapons of mass destruction for such attacks. (See appendix B, news accounts of incents on Mimban, Hoth and Bespin.) Because of the secret nature of rebel operations, obtaining advance information about the identity of Alliance operatives and their plans may prove to be the only way to prevent direct attacks on Imperial systems. Interrogation of captured rebel operatives is often the only way to obtain such information.

Imperial Torture Memo Declassified (via Buzzfeed)