To have and to hold: Doku über Vinyl-Sammler

(Vimeo Direktvinyl, via KFMW)

Knapp 8minütiger Teaser auf eine kommende Doku über Vinyl-Sammler namens „To have and to hold“. Sehr liebevoll gemacht und sicherlich eine der besseren Vinyl-Dokus, die ich normalerweise in meine Links (hier mein Vinyl-Tag auf Delicious) packe.

Add this one to your list of must see vinyl inspired documentaries and movies. Director Jony Lyle gives a quick teaser of his upcoming film entitled To Have & To Hold, which Lyle describes as “a ‘musicmentory’ to celebrate the age of vinyl records.”

The film promises enough archive footage, records rooms, music collections, pressing plants, and rare vinyl to satisfy even the most die hard physical music addicts. In addition to its irresistible collectible eye candy, To Have & To Hold, which is scheduled for a 2010 release, features interviews with such notable vinyl aficionados as Questlove, Chuck D, Bobbito Garcia, DJ Amir, Bruce Lundvall, Christian Marclay, and Paul Mawhinney.

To Have & To Hold: Vinyl “Musicmentory” f/ Questlove